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Island Culture

Saipan and its neighboring islands were first inhabited by Chamorros around 2000 BC. The Spanish were the first Europeans to encounter the Chamorros on Saipan. You can still detect the Spanish influence in the Chamorro language and by the widespread Catholicism on the island.

Diving and Snorkleing

Saipan has some of the best scuba diving and snorkleing in the world due to the clarity of the water and the diversity of sea life. The Grotto, a collapsed underwater cave, is perhaps the most famous dive spot in Saipan, but there are dive sites for divers of all skill levels around the island.

Saipan Beaches

Saipan is famous for its stunning white sand beaches. Two of the most popular beaches are Micro Beach and Managaha Island where you can grab a chair and an umbrella, drink margaritas, rent surfboards and snorkle gear, and splash around in the crystal clear, warm waters of the lagoon.

With a prime location in Saipan and approximately 6 miles from Saiipan International Airport, Mango Resort Saipan boasts an expansive array of local recreational, dining, and entertainment options. Popular attractions include the Garapan Street Market, Memorial Park and beautiful Managaha Island. To help you make the most of your time in Saipan, Mango Resort Saipan offers a variety of hotel packages to fit your getaway needs whether it be romance, family, relaxation or a little of each.....our tropical resort in paradise awaits you!

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