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mango-resortGreetings and welcome to tropical luxury at the Mango Resort, a locally owned and operated hotel situated in the middle of the island of Saipan. We are located in Garapan,  near the US Federal Building, Japan Consulate, Saipan Museum, DFS Shopping and Galleria, Hard Rock Cafe, MacDonald’s, banks within Saipan’s major tourist center. We encourage you to stay with us for a lasting tropical island experience.

One of the best budget hotels in Saipan, the Mango Resort is a peaceful location just a short drive from the beach and other known landmarks in the island. The hotel offers great comfort, privacy, tidy rooms and amenities, free wi-fi and at an affordable price that you and your family will surely enjoy. the Mango Resort is a cozy hotel with a friendly, well-trained and accommodating staff to help make your stay a memorable one.

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Welcome to the Northern Mariana Islands, a chain of 14 tropical islands in the Western Pacific. Come experience our bright turquoise skies, crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, flaming sunsets and warm tropical breezes along with the affectionate smiles and hospitality of island people anxious to provide you with the vacation dream of a lifetime…

Gorgeous blue bays. Astounding cliffs. Intriguing caves and mountains. With such beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder outdoor recreation has become such a big part of the lifestyle here. Divers appreciate the spectacular fish-filled coral reefs and clear waters. Hikers, the lush tropical forests. Saipan is the largest of the Northern Marianas Islands, and a South Pacific getaway where you can bring your American dollars with you. While it’s relatively developed, it remains 48 square miles of natural beauty, most of which is still jungle. Saipan’s easterly side consists of towering cliffs and rugged rocks, while its western shore is surrounded by a barrier reef creating a lagoon with white sand beaches. The ideal spot to begin your Saipan vacation? In Chalan Kanoa, you’ll find the the Mango Resort, perfectly located for sightseeing and cultural immersion.

The moment you arrive on Saipan, you’ll notice that life in the Marianas Islands is relaxed and casual, with a strong sense of family and community. The people are a diverse mix of east, west, and Pacific Island cultures. The indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian Pacific Islanders share the island with American Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi, and European communities. English and Japanese are predominantly spoken here, along with the local languages of Chamorro and Carolinian. History buffs know Saipan as the location of one of the largest battles fought in World War II. Today, it’s home to many historical landmarks and sprinkled with hidden caves containing with World War II relics. There’s even a U.S. tank that got stuck on the coral reef still visible from the beach. Don’t let Saipan’s exuberant resort atmosphere and rapid growth fool you. It’s rich with preserved natural beauty, history and culture as well.

The Mango Resort is an ideal tropical saipan resort destination for leisure, sports, history and relaxation. Experience the true essence of paradise at Mango Resort . If you would like more information about current room rates and our hotel or vacationing in the Northern Marianas, please contact us and we will immediately reply back to you. To book reservations now, please go to our reservations page. In addition, if you have a message to leave our viewers, please post your personal comments on our website blog below….we look forward to serving you soon.


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Tel—1 670-483-6271
Garapan, Saipan
Northern Marianas, Micronesia




With a prime location in Saipan and approximately 6 miles from Saiipan International Airport, Mango Resort Saipan boasts an expansive array of local recreational, dining, and entertainment options. Popular attractions include the Garapan Street Market, Memorial Park and beautiful Managaha Island. To help you make the most of your time in Saipan, Mango Resort Saipan offers a variety of hotel packages to fit your getaway needs whether it be romance, family, relaxation or a little of each…..our tropical resort in paradise awaits you!

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